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Benefits of Carpiko Breakdown & Towing Service

We offer best breakdown services to help you drive freely.

24x7 Roadside Assistance

We provide fast & reliable breakdown services for your car in Delhi NCR.

Track Your Service

You can track your breakdown status in realtime. Also track real time mechanic location.

Breakdown Membership

We provide roadside assistance yearly membership to solve your breakdown issues.

Fast & Reliable

We have big network of mechanics. We work with highest standards to exceed your expectations.

Get Carpiko Membership For Your Car

Watch the video to learn how you can save your money & time by becoming a Carpiko member

Choose from 3 memberships

We have 3 types of membership for your car to suite your need. Get service discounts and free breakdown services in memberships.

Free Breakdown Services

Get free 24x7 breakdown services like jumpstart, flat tyre repair, emergency towing and key lockout in your membership.

Discount On Car Wash & Service

You get additonal discounts on car wash as well as car service in each membership. We take care of everything for your car.

Get Your Own Personal Mechanic

We will give you a personal mechanic which will be available 24x7 for you for any technical advice or help. You can reach him anytime on call also.

Free Car Checkups

Every membership comes with free car checkups. It helps to diagnose problems in your car at early stage thus saving from costly repairs.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so proud of our breakdown services that we will refund your memberhsip money if we couldn't provide you help during your need.

We have Every Service For Your Car

We offer a wide range of breakdown service for your car.


Car Jumpstart

We jump start your low car battery with master battery brought by our mechanic.

Car Towing

We have underlift as well as flat bed towing facility as per need at economical prices.

Car Flat Tyre

Got Tyre Puncture? Our mechanic will come to your location and do car tyre puncture repair easily.

Car Stepney Change

No tools for stepney change? Our mechanics will change your stepney at your location in no time.

Key Lockout

Stuck out of Car? We send specilised mechanics to solve your key lockout issue.

Minor Repairs

Any unknown issue occured? Our mechanic will come and diagnose the issue and also repair it.

Download the Carpiko App

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What Our Customers Say

The trust and great service we provide has won us the loyalty of many customers, some dating back to our inception.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1.What is Carpiko?

We are a team of passionate car lovers whose daily job is to make sure that quality service is provided to our each and every customer. We work with highest standards to exceed your expectations. We have a network of highly skilled mechanics and multi-brand workshops who make sure your car gets the best service.

2.What is Carpiko's 2 car checkup free for 2 months in car service and repair?

Its a free complementary service given from Carpiko to its customers to provide a more personalised experience. Whenever you book a car service or repair with Carpiko, once the service/repair is completed we will provide you with a personal mechanic who will visit at your doorstep once in a month to do a comprehensive car checkup of your car to ensure that everything is working well in your car. He will give you a car health status report after the car checkup is done. It is to make sure that you are always aware of your car health and no unwanted problems occur in your car in future

3.Why I should choose Carpiko?

We offer a sense of complete trust and control to you. Our pricings are the most economical and beneficial you get in this space. We make sure that each and everything with your car is done properly and with high standards. We are obsessed with quality and customer service. We are 24/7 there for you in times you face any problem with your car.

4.How I save my time & money with Carpiko?

We understand in this fast pace world time is money. So we designed our services and processes according to your needs. You can easily book car service or repair at your doorstep or at our workshops near you. We will provide free pickup and drop so that you can sit back and enjoy your day while we take care of your car. Our prices are kept economical so that you get the true value of it.