We are a team of passionate car lovers whose daily job is to make sure that quality service is provided to our each and every customer. We work with highest standards to exceed your expectations. We have a network of highly skilled mechanics and multi-brand workshops who make sure your car gets the best service.

Its a free complementary service given from Carpiko to its customers to provide a more personalised experience. Whenever you book a car service or repair with Carpiko, once the service/repair is completed we will provide you with a personal mechanic who will visit at your doorstep once in a month to do a comprehensive car checkup of your car to ensure that everything is working well in your car. He will give you a car health status report after the car checkup is done. It is to make sure that you are always aware of your car health and no unwanted problems occur in your car in future

We offer a sense of complete trust and control to you. Our pricings are the most economical and beneficial you get in this space. We make sure that each and everything with your car is done properly and with high standards. We are obsessed with quality and customer service. We are 24/7 there for you in times you face any problem with your car.

We understand in this fast pace world time is money. So we designed our services and processes according to your needs. You can easily book car service or repair at your doorstep or at our workshops near you. We will provide free pickup and drop so that you can sit back and enjoy your day while we take care of your car. Our prices are kept economical so that you get the true value of it. 

We love all the cars. We serve every car brand and model. All our workshops are capable of servicing or repairing all car models including luxury cars.

We are a one-stop solution for all your car needs. From car wash to repair to breakdown service we provide all the services for your car. You just got to name the service you need and we will be on to it.

We have three types of car service which you can choose from based on total distance your car has travelled or total time since your last car service.

1- Basic Service- It is done every 5000 Kms or every 3 months.

2- Standard Service- Its is done every 10000 Kms or every 6 months.

3- Comprehensive service- Its is done every 40000 Kms or every 12 months.

Its up to you which engine oil you need for your car. If you choose Semi-Synthetic engine oil then your car will need next servicing after 10,000 Km and in case of Synthetic engine oil, your car will need servicing after 15,000 Km. However, there are certain car brands which specify to use Synthetic engine oil for their cars ex Volkswagen.

We have launched India?s 1st EMI payment options for car repair and services. Now you can easily pay for your car repairs or services in EMI's with Carpiko.

To use the EMI payment option make the booking by selecting the PAY LATER option. Once we receive your booking and you car repair or service is completed we will send you an online payment link through which you can make the EMI payment option through your Credit Card.

Note: EMI payment option is available if total amount is greater than Rs 3000

Your Service. Your Payment Options.

Our membership includes two things

1) Free roadside assistance service

2) Discount on car service, wash & repairs

We also provide money back guarantee in case we were not able to help you in your hour of need, of which we are sure wont happen. We are proud of our 24x7 roadside assistance.

We will repair or service your car at our multi-brand workshop nearest to your location. Also, you can get your car serviced or repaired at your doorstep. It's up to you where you want our services and we will be there.

We use genuine parts strictly as per OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) guidelines for your car model. All the parts come with manufactures warranty and are per your car specifications.

We have over 20+ certified multi-brand workshops & 50+ mechanics in Delhi-NCR. All our workshops are located such that there is at least one workshop near your location. We are in the phase of expansion and adding new workshops every day.

You can make the booking through our website as well download our Carpiko app. You can also call us on 888-1-666-444 anytime for making any booking on call or in case of any additional query.

We provide 2 months/5000 Km service warranty (whichever comes earlier) on the car service. There is 3-year paint warranty on car dent and paint & manufacturers warranty on the parts installed in your car during the car repair.Also there is 6 months AC service warranty

You can give us a call directly on 888-1-666-444 and we will connect you with a mechanic on call so that we can diagnose the car issue on call. Also, you can make a booking through our website or app for a car checkup at your doorstep or at our workshop. 

Yes, you can easily pay after the car service is completed. You can pay via cash or online payment link we send along with the invoice. You can also use our pay now feature to pre-pay for services you have booked.

You can easily place the booking cancellation order on call when our team calls for verifying the booking or just reply back to the email you received upon your booking.

We are open 24/7 for you because you may need us anytime. Though our car service timings are 9 AM to 6 PM. Our breakdown services are 24/7.

You can make a booking for car checkup at our workshop and it will be free. You can also schedule an appointment for car checkup at our workshop by calling us on 888-1-666-444.

Yes, you can easily track your car service or repair status by going into my account section and click on track order. We also keep you updated via SMS and our team is always in contact with you in case any additional job is required in your car. We never do anything without your permission. Also you can call us on 888-1-666-444 anytime for any query.

Once you make a booking, we assign a Carpiko executive for your job. The Carpiko executive makes sure that all the work is done properly at our workshop and is in continuous co-ordination with the mechanics. We also send you the parts photos being installed in your car. All our workshops are given training about our Standard Operations Protocols (SOP's) which they follow to provide the high-quality service. 

We try our best to make sure everything goes well during your service. But we accept there may be times that something goes wrong and that may leave you unsatisfied with our service. In such cases, you call us on 888-1-666-444 and lodge a complaint with our feedback team or also email us at care@carpiko.com. Upon receiving your complaint we will try to solve it or try to make it up to you by providing some additional exclusive benefits.

If you recently got your car serviced or repaired with us and facing issues in your car then you can call us at 888-1-666-444 or email us at care@carpiko.com about the issue. Our team will have a look at your issue and appoint a mechanic for a free checkup for your car. Upon understanding the issue we will take measurable steps to solve the issue. If the issue that occurred was due to our fault service we will fix it for free else if that was a completely unrelated new issue then you will need to make new repair booking with us.

We love to hear from you. Your feedback helps us improve ourselves every day. You can give the feedback by clicking on the link that you receive via SMS and email from our team else click here to leave a review.  GIVE REVIEW